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Filming part one of our first video/single for the new album

New website

Welcome to the fresh new Clemm website!

Our new album ‘Bird Hands’ has been mixed & mastered and will be released on both vinyl and cd format later this year.

The album contains 14 tracks filled with a hard-to-define mix of indiepop, hiphop, electronica, folk & jazz. Clemm loves to create tension by mixing rather unexpected elements like post rock guitars with slick saxophones or folk ballad vocals with pumping beats. This remains however song-based material, definitely no needless experimentation here. An album for lovers of adventurous indiepop.

We will also start doing live shows with our new band, including John Carrie and Carelain Bergtop on vocals, backed up by a horn section providing them with some extra harmony and rhythm.

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