Clemm is a Dutch electronic indiepop project by Willem Janssen.

On his first two albums Willem worked with several international guest vocalists, among which Robert Fisher (Willard Grant Conspiracy, USA), Rosa Agostino (Red Ghost, AUS) and Lucky Fonz III (NL). On his 2009 album Far From Arcadia he performed leadvocals himself.
Clemm’s 3rd full-length album “Bird Hands” was released in 2013. On this album Willem shares vocal duties with John Carrie & Carelain Bergtop.

About the latest album ‘Bird Hands’:

From pure pop to obscure electronica, from hiphop to indierock. On the new Clemm record Bird Hands there are no boundaries. Despite the variety, the songs are kept together by a recognizable sense of melody, both melancholic and catchy without selling out. The dreamy mood of the previous albums is still there, but this time around there’s more going on under the surface: sultry horns, groovy drums, melodic bass, all in service of ‘the song’. With Bird Hands Clemm has grown the plumage necessary for flight.